About Cocoriko

The IQRDJ's Grand Assembly consultation platform is an online consultation platform managed by Cocoriko. It allows citizens to express their views on various issues related to the municipality and, thus, to take part in the development of a City in their image.

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The IQRDJ's Grand Assembly

The Quebec Institute for Law and Justice Reform (iqrdj.ca>) is the initiator of the Grand Assembly of Law and Justice.

On March 19th, 2021, people, from different spheres of society (civic, community, economic, professional, governmental or academic), will gather to vote on reform proposals in mathers of law and justice (inm.qc.ca/droit-justice>).

The proposals adopted on March 19th will be integrated into the programming of the IQRDJ.

From March 4th to 18th, the Reform Hub website allows participants to comments the proposals before their validation.

It’s your turn to speak!

For information : yan.senechal@iqrdj.ca.